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HERM KIEPE – 1975 – IMO 7434078

HERA River Elbe

HERA River Elbe 2

As the HERA in the River Elbe.

Hera af Rostock 14-11-2007 - Hirtshals

© Hanne Hjermitslev – Departing Hirtshals 14.11.2007.



© Hanne Hjermitslev – Photographed on 28.03.2008.

IDNo: 7434078 – Year: 1975 – Name: HERM KIEPE – Keel: 1.75 – Type: Cargo ship – Launch Date: 17.5.75 – Flag: DEU (Federal Republic)- Date of completion: 6.75 – GRT: 499 – DWT: 1299 – Yard No: 120 – Length overall: 75.0 – LPP: 70.1 – Country of build: DEU – Beam: 10.2 – Builder: Cassens of Emden.

Machinery Overview: 1 oil engine driving 1 FP propeller – Total Power: Mcr 883kW (1,201hp) – Service Speed: 10.00kts.

Prime Mover Detail: Design: MWM, Engine Builder: Motoren Werke Mannheim AG (MWM) – West Germany – 1 x TBD484-6, 4 Stroke, Single Acting, In-Line (Vertical) – 6 Cy. 320 x 480, Mcr: 883 kW (1,201 hp) at 375 rpm.

Subsequent History: 10.90 – 7.96 HERA – 3.10 (Belize) – 3.11 (Germany) – 10.11 (Dominica) –

Disposal data: 5.12 Broken Up by Fornaes Aps of Grenaa in Denmark.

HEIN VON BARGEN – 1977 – IMO 7602699


Here as the ZÜRS on the 20th Aug.1991 River Ems
Photo:Frits Olinga-Delfzijl


ZÜRS on the 17th Sep.1992 at Delfzijl
Photo:Frits Olinga-Delfzijl


ZÜRS on the 26th Aug. 2000 outbound Delfzijl.
Photo:Frits Olinga-Delfzijl
Built by Gdanska Lenina, Gdansk, Yard-No.b341/01
1597 GT, 3650 dwt – 77.6 x 13.6m
Launched:23-04-1977.Completed: -08-1977
Subsequent History:
1982 HALLAND -1983 Lg. & deepened, 96.6m, 2577 GT, 4252dwt
– 1988 ZÜRS – 2001 DESSY – 2007 SANDRELLA – 2010 KALIDAR – 2011 MSB-1
*Status of ship:In Service.Last update:27-12-2011(*Equasis)

HANSA KAMPEN – 1998 – IMO 9173173


Here as the RHODANUS on the 10th May 2012 at Delfzijl
Photo:Frits Olinga-Delfzijl
Built by CSPL Yard, Decin, Yard-No.?
Compl. by SW Peters, Kampen, Yard-No.458
2056 GT, 2953 dwt – 85.0 x 12.5m
1998 HANSA KAMPEN CV Hansa Kampen, Delfzijl, Nld.
2006 RHODANUS Mare Shipping I BV., Tholen, Nld.
Source:Miramar Ship Index, by arrangement

HOLSTENAU – 1962 – IMO 5153785



HOLSTENAU – Photo collection:Peter Schliefke.

Built by F. Schichau GmbH, Bremerhaven, Yard-No. 1708 – 1956 GRT – 1597 TDW – 79.37 x 12.02 x 3.49m ‑ Draught 4.40 m – Launched: 07-12-1961 – Delivered: 19-06-1962.

Machinery Overview: 1 oil engine driving 1 FP propeller – Total Power: Mcr 1,471kW (2,000hp) – Service Speed: 13.00kts.

Prime Mover Detail: Design: Deutz, Engine Builder: Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG – West Germany – 1 x RBV8M358, 4 Stroke, Single Acting, In-Line (Vertical) – 8 Cy. 400 x 580, Mcr: 1,471 kW (2,000 hp) at 300 rpm.

Subsequent history:

1962 HOLSTENAU – Bugsier‑, Reederei‑ & Bergungs AG, Hamburg, Deu. (DNBB)

1977 OCEAN FREEZE – Trans Caribbean Lines Inc. (Panama), Panama, Pan.

1980 OCEAN FREEZE – Trans Caribbean Maritime Inc., Panama, Pan.

1985 OCEAN FREEZE – Fedros Ltd. (Bernuth Agencies Inc.), Panama, Pan.

1998 OCEAN FREEZE unknown owner(s), Belize,Blz.

Disposal data: Sunk as an artificial reef in 256 feet of water just north of Pacific Reef, 26 miles from Key Largo, on July 28, 1998.

Additional note:


The OCEAN FREEZE remains are highlighted with a host of humorous oddities. The wreck has more than its fair share of the ‘unusual’, even when it comes down to her name. This is one of those ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg scenarios’. Numerous reports indicate that she was the OCEAN FREEZE, and then became the SCOTT MASON-CHAITE. Other reports indicate the reverse. After checking numerous sources I feel that Miami-Dade County Artificial Reef Program Database is about as correct as it can get. That being said, SCOTT MASON-CHAITE was her latest name, and is what she is buried with.

[Webmaster's comment: Officially this ship never held any other names through her service life, than those rendered above]

Over and above the name issue, there are more unusual aspects you’ll find when visiting this wreck. For starters, the whole ship is upside down. This creates a rather unusual feel as you explore your way around her 297 foot length.

Her complete orientation is so removed from the norm as to be almost surreal. Her rudder is her highest point, her frame resting on the inverted superstructure of her stern. Since she’s elevated upside down from the ocean floor, divers have almost a 20 foot pass through which allows ample room to penetrate openings, peek through portholes, and explore around and beneath her.

The danger of her position is that one day her superstructure will eventually erode and break beneath her great weight. Anyone in the vicinity will be injured or killed, and of course it will certainly make future interior penetration impossible once this occurs.

However, even when she does collapse, which is inevitable, she’ll still be an interesting dive as she’s fast becoming a very successful artificial reef. Numerous fish call her hulking form home, and coral, oyster, and sponges are beginning to attach to her.

Not only are the marine life of great interest, this wreck still has some very interesting artifacts littered on, and around her, some from her past, and some from past divers leaving personal if not unusual mementos behind.


HATHOR – 2007 – IMO 9373280


HATHOR on the 5th April 2012 at Harlingen
Photo:Frits Olinga-Delfzijl

General Cargo Ship HATHOR Flag:Netherlands/Midwolda.Call Sign:PHIY
Built by Leninska Kuznya, Kiev, Yard-No.
Completed by Damen Bergum, Bergum, Yard-No.9368
2545 GT, 3850 dwt – 85.0 x 12.5m
Launched: ? .Completed: -04-2007
Owner:Hathor Beheer BV., Farmsum, Netherlands.
Manager:Drenth Ship Consult, Delfzijl, Netherlands.