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CORNISH TRADER – 1920 – IMO 0000000


CORNISH ROSE in the River Avon, inwards for Bristol. Isn’t she lovely! – Rick Cox collection.

Completed 15/11//1920, 471 grt, by Abdela & Mitchell, Queensferry (454) as CORNISH TRADER for Cornish Traders Ltd. (A. W. Chard), Falmouth, GRB.

1928 CORNISH ROSE – R. Hughes, Liverpool, GRB

1942 to Ohlson S.S. Co. (Sir Eric Ohlson Bart.), Hull, GBR

1946 TAKIS – K, J. P. Katsoulakos, GRC

Sank on 17/11/1950 in position 36.49 N 25.07 E, after leaks following temporary repairs after an earlier grounding. (On voyage Heraklion for Piraeus).

CORNISH MERCHANT – 1923 – IMO 0000000

FOWEY ROSE,ex CORNISH MERCHANT, at Fowey between 1928 and 1941.
Completed 1923,470grt,by Abdela & Mitchell, Queensferry (463) as CORNISH MERCHANT for Cornish Traders, Falmouth.GBR
1928 FOWEY ROSE, Richard Hughes, Liverpool

Sunk by air attack on 5/7/1941 when north west of St.David’s Head,-Pemmaenmawr for Swansea with stone, eight of her eleven crew were lost.

(additional details ‘Mersey Rovers’ R.S.Fenton/WSS)
Rick Cox collection;Copyright,unknown.


COPTHORNE – 1923 – IMO 0000000

MINNA,ex COPTHORNE,arriving Preston,undated.
Completed 4/1923,1365grt,by J.Lewis, Aberdeen (94) as COPTHORNE for Edward T.Lindley, London.GBR.

1930 MINNA, O.Tiedmann, Kasmu, Estonia.

Seized by Russia in the Baltic 6/1940, became Soviet naval transport No.548.RUS.


1960 BU (as MINNA).

Rick Cox collection;Copyright:John Clarkson.


CONSTANCE – 1907 – IMO 0000000

Sporting a very distinctive ‘crossed battleaxes’ funnel design,River Avon,Bristol,undated.
Completed 2/4//1907,209grt,by W.J.Yarwood, Northwich (75) for the Manchester, Liverpool & North Wales S.S. Co.GBR.
Sold 11/1919 to Wm. Clint, Belfast.
Sailed from Garston for Belfast with coal on 18/12/1919 and lost,believed to have sunk off the Mersey Bar.
Additional details ‘Mersey Rovers’ R.S.Fenton/WSS.
Rick Cox collection;Copyright unknown.



CITRINE 1894 IMO 0000000


Completed 1894 by Scott & Sons, Bowling (104) as CITRINE for Wm. Robertson, Glasgow (Gem Line),602grt.

1899 PRINCESS THYRA, M. Langlands & Son, Glasgow

1905 BRONZITE, Wm. Robertson again

1946 ARCHGROVE, Gordon A. Sheves, Fraserburgh. (as seen in the photograph)

Arrived at Antwerp for breaking 12/1957.


Rick Cox collection,Copyright,unknown.