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CAMBERWELL – 1924 – IMO 0000000

CAMBERWELL,inwards 0n the River Thames,undated. 

Completed 1924,1568grt,by Tyne Iron S.B., Newcastle (227) for the South Metropolitan Gas Company,GBR

1949 South Eastern Gas Board

1958 CAMBERWELL II in order to release the name for a new ship

Broken up at Nieuw Lekkerkerk, arrived Rotterdam 5/7/1958

Rick Cox collection;Copyright:unknown



CELTIC PRIDE – 1910 – IMO 0000000

CELTIC PRIDE,arriving in Bristol Docks,undated. 
Completed 1/1910,456grt,by Alexander Hall, Aberdeen (455) for Joseph Rank, Hull,GBR

1913 J. Monks & Co., Liverpool (seen above in their colours)

7/1915 – 7/1920 on Admiralty service as a fleet messenger

1920 Gwyn Shipping, Cardiff

1924 BRIARTHORN, W. J. Ireland, Liverpool

1937 Thorn Line-S.W.Coe,Liverpool

Wrecked on the bar of the River Bann on 31/12/1938, Ayr for Coleraine with coal

Rick Cox collection;Copyright:unknown


CORNISH TRADER – 1920 – IMO 0000000


CORNISH ROSE in the River Avon, inwards for Bristol. Isn’t she lovely! – Rick Cox collection.

Completed 15/11//1920, 471 grt, by Abdela & Mitchell, Queensferry (454) as CORNISH TRADER for Cornish Traders Ltd. (A. W. Chard), Falmouth, GRB.

1928 CORNISH ROSE – R. Hughes, Liverpool, GRB

1942 to Ohlson S.S. Co. (Sir Eric Ohlson Bart.), Hull, GBR

1946 TAKIS – K, J. P. Katsoulakos, GRC

Sank on 17/11/1950 in position 36.49 N 25.07 E, after leaks following temporary repairs after an earlier grounding. (On voyage Heraklion for Piraeus).

CORNISH MERCHANT – 1923 – IMO 0000000

FOWEY ROSE,ex CORNISH MERCHANT, at Fowey between 1928 and 1941.
Completed 1923,470grt,by Abdela & Mitchell, Queensferry (463) as CORNISH MERCHANT for Cornish Traders, Falmouth.GBR
1928 FOWEY ROSE, Richard Hughes, Liverpool

Sunk by air attack on 5/7/1941 when north west of St.David’s Head,-Pemmaenmawr for Swansea with stone, eight of her eleven crew were lost.

(additional details ‘Mersey Rovers’ R.S.Fenton/WSS)
Rick Cox collection;Copyright,unknown.


COPTHORNE – 1923 – IMO 0000000

MINNA,ex COPTHORNE,arriving Preston,undated.
Completed 4/1923,1365grt,by J.Lewis, Aberdeen (94) as COPTHORNE for Edward T.Lindley, London.GBR.

1930 MINNA, O.Tiedmann, Kasmu, Estonia.

Seized by Russia in the Baltic 6/1940, became Soviet naval transport No.548.RUS.


1960 BU (as MINNA).

Rick Cox collection;Copyright:John Clarkson.