LADY MADELEINE – 1934 – IMO 0000000


Collection of Rick Cox. One of the many deep-sea trawlers taken up for naval duties

1934, 397grt, 46.3 x 7.8m, steam

Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Beverley (592) as LADY MADELEINE for Jutland Amalgamated Trawlers

1939 MOONSTONE T90, Royal Navy

On 10/06/1940 she distinguished herself by capturing the Italian submarine GALILEO GALILEI in the Red Sea through a combination of depth-charges and gunfire. The Submarine was taken to Aden and became H.M.S. EUROPA

1946 RED LANCER LO442, Iago Steam Trawlers, based at Fleetwood

Broken up at Glasson Dock 01/1964


MONTENOL – 1917 – IMO 0000000


Collection of Rick Cox

1917, 2646grt, 97.5 x 12.7m, 14 knots, naval oiler

Wm. Gray, West Hartlepool (887) for the Admiralty

Torpedoed on 21/05/1942 by U.159 in position 36.41N 22.45W and sunk by her escorts, U.K. for Table Bay

MAY – 1898 – IMO 0000000


Collection of Rick Cox, as MATSUE

Completed 10/1898, 1415grt, 72.4 x 10.4m, steam, 10 knots, passenger/cargo

J. Scott & Co., Kinghorn (103) as MAY for Bailey & Leetham, Hull

Sold 7/1899 as SUNGARI (SOONGARI), Chinese Eastern Railway Company

Set on fire and scuttled at Inchon to avoid capture on 09/02/1904

Raised by Japanese forces 06/08/1905 and commissioned as a gunboat MATSUE

1918 classed as transport / survey ship

Deleted from naval list in 1929

MARIEHOLM – 1934 – IMO 0000000


Collection of Rick Cox

1934, 1162grt, 63.7 x 9.9m, compound steam, 1 screw

Odense Staalskibs., Odense (51) for Swedish America Line

Requisitioned by Swedish government in 1939 and purchased in 11/1940

Used as a ‘staff communication ship’ – Sold to private owners in 1976

Converted in 1985 to  a restaurant ship at Gothenburg

PRINCESS MARGARET – 1914 – IMO 0000000


Collection of Rick Cox

1914, 5934grt, 120.4 x 16.5m, steam turbines, 2 screws, 20 knots

Wm. Denny, Dumbarton (1005) as PRINCESS MARGARET for Canadian Pacific Railway, Victoria BC

Trials 10/1914 but not delivered, requisitioned 12/1914 as H.M.S. MARGARET, minelayer

Purchased by the Admiralty 1919 – 1921 used as an Admiralty yacht

Broken up at Blyth, arrived 02/07/1929