AMSTEL XVI – 1936 – IMO 5378268

BOEKANIER (ex AMSTEL XVI),at Charlestown,undated.
 Completed 111/2/1936,291grt, by A. Vuijk & Zonen, Capelle a/d IJssel (630) as AMSTEL XVI, an inland vessel for F.G. Vos, Bleiswijk,NLD
In German service 1940-1945
1949 VENUS, lengthened and rebuilt as a coaster

1964 BOEKANIER,F.G.Vos,Bleiswijk,NLD

1976 JANIDA,Kuwait owners

1976 SARRAF 3
At Hamniyah with engine trouble from 11/1980, sank in port 15/8/1986

Additional photo’s here:

(Further details ‘Gruno 1937-2002′ Anderiesse & Spurling)
Rick Cox collection;Copyright unknown.


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