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Updated 31. October 2014


Excellent work everyone! …. You are indeed a marvellous crew, a crew to be commended!


SJÖHISTORISKA MUSEET of Stockholm, Sweden.

17. August 2011: The Maritime Museum at Stockholm has kindly granted the membership permission to copy and upload images from the museum’s webpage on The permission is given on condition, that the name of the photographer should be given when known, as well as images must be sourced to Sjöhistoriska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden.

 9. September 2011:

As per today has made an arrangement with the MIRAMAR SHIP INDEX of New Zealand, the world’s most comprehensive index to ships and their histories. Whenever members use the MIRAMAR information, please credit the source in these terms: “Source : Miramar Ship Index, by arrangement”

Mr. Ole Ryolf, Esq.

28. June 2011: Danish photographer Ole Ryolf, who is widely known on the net for his excellent images, has kindly granted the members of this website permission to copy and upload his ship photos on this website. When doing so, please remember to credit Ole for his work.

Mr. Karsten Petersen, Esq.

22. August 2011: Danish seaman and photographer Karsten Petersen has kindly granted the members permission to copy from his website for upload on only. Permission is granted on the basis, that copyright is accredited to Karsten, and that his website is given as source.

Fotoarchiv der Büsumer Werft.

23. September 2011: Through the good offices of fellow founder, Mr. Peter Schliefke, an arrangement has been made with this most interesting website.

You may find the site at this address:

Senhor Roberto Smera of Santos, Brazil:

1. October 2011: My friend Roberto Smera is a highly skilled photographer. He takes some exceptional photos of vessels passing in and out of the beautiful Port of Santos. He has kindly granted permission to use his images on You may also view and enjoy his excellent photography on his own site


Grande Buenos Aires - 27 jan 2013

An example: GRANDE BUENOS AIRES approaching Santos Pilot.

Mr. Niels Hald-Andersen of Assens, Denmark:

21. October 2011: A great friend and associate of this website, Mr. Niels Hald-Andersen, has kindly granted permission to to use his photos for upload on this platform only. If members use his photos for this purpose, please remember to acknowledge Hald-Andersen’s work in your postings. In the background Niels has contributed excellent information to us, of which we are all very appreciative and grateful.

Please see update further below.

8. November 2011: The Danish website by webmaster Povl Kjeld Hansen et al, has kindly granted permission to the members of COASTERS & OTHER SHIPS REVIVED  to use that website’s material  exclusively for upload on  The POLARSEJLER website portrays a unique part of Danish seafaring history, and an era of the Lauritzen company long gone. Although set up in the Danish language predominantly, the content provides nevertheless an insight of international interest. Any copying and upload originating from the website must be accredited in accordance with public policy.

21. November 2011: My friend and fellow seaman Mark Churchman of Adelaide, Australia, is an excellent photographer,  a great friend and a much appreciated contributor to this website. Please note his exceptional eye for angles and light when you enjoy his skills displayed on

Although retired from active service at sea, having served on Scandinavian as well as Australian ships, Mark continues to make a valuable contribution to society along with his supportive wife, namely by rearing guide dogs for the blind. An effort for which they both ought to be applauded.

1. March 2012: The ALEXANDER TURNBULL LIBRARY  under the National Library of New Zealand has today granted permission to use its vast treasure of online maritime images for upload on If you do uploads from this source, please adhere to the rules of conduct as regards each individual image. These are found with the photo.

30. January 2013:

Honouring Charlie Hill of Swinefleet, downriver from Goole, United Kingdom.

CHARLIE wishes to pay tribute to Charlie Hill for his immense contribution to promoting maritime history and our common maritime-cultural heritage. Charlie began photographing way back in the 1950’s, and have recorded shipping in his local area over the years, and with the technology at his disposal. His images represent a unique record, and may thankfully be viewed and enjoyed on several websites today.

We are pleased to announce that Charlie has kindly granted permission, that we may display his photos on this website, and we feel privileged by him now being an Associate. Charlie is a gentleman of 84 years of age, and we are pleased to note that he is still going strong. We hope having Charlie aboard for many years to come, as well as we hope Charlie’s example may inspire the younger generation to contribute to bringing the past into the future.


Charlie’s longtime friend and fellow enthusiast in the art of excellent maritime photography is Mr. Peter William Robinson of Goole – As you see above, thankfully, Peter at the age of 74 is still going strong, showing his prowess in captaining a vessel down the River Humber. Charlie and Peter have been friends since 1974.


Peter started his professional life working for 12 years in a shipping office after which he decided to embark on a career with the Royal Mail in Goole – Peter continued pursuing his interest in maritime photography, and bless him for that, because it means that today, we are able to enjoy his work in this respect.

Had it not been for photographers like Charlie and Peter, a bygone age in shipping might have been lost without trace. For their lifelong efforts they ought to be honoured and remembered for their respective contribution in bringing the maritime shipping of the past into the future. This website will see to that in as far as we are able to.

21. March 2013: This website has entered into an arrangement with Mr. Chris Howell of Bluff, New Zealand, whereby Mr. Howell has granted permission to use his photographic material. is very appreciative and grateful for this gentleman’s kind gesture.

13. October 2013:

Honouring Hanne Hjermitslev of Hirtshals, Denmark.


Tynemouth 08.09.2005.

Hanne is an avid and highly skilled photographer, as well as she’s a greatly appreciated friend of this website. She has contributed photos which testifies not only to her skill,  but most certainly also to her passion for promoting maritime history and sharing her private family photos with the world.

Hanne’s roots in terms of her family are firmly based at sea, her relatives going back generations are either fishermen or merchant navy seamen; she knows very well both the benefits and the tragedies the sea brings to small communities such as Hirtshals where she grew up. Relatives and friends who stayed at sea permanently: remembered, never forgotten.

Such conditions provide for the development of a particular strength of human character, which Hanne possesses. She fell herself victim to routine surgery gone horribly wrong, and is now wheelchair bound. Nevertheless she continues to pursue her passion, bringing enjoyment to us all with her excellent photography.

I feel exceedingly proud being able to count Hanne Hjermitslev as a personal friend. Please enjoy Hanne’s work and appreciate the tremendous efforts she puts into getting the perfect shot.

29.01.2014: I have just received the sad news, that Hanne Hjermitslev suddenly passed away a few days ago, unexpectedly, and at only 59 years of age. My heart goes out to those she left behind, family and friends. I hope they may find consolation in the fact, that Hanne died with the mouse in her hand, while in the process of enjoying her hobby, uploading ship photos. R. I. P. HANNE – Your spirit, memory, and your passion for the work that we do, shall continue living on through this website.


* * *


7. August 2011: As of today, the founders have unanimously decided to bestow upon Mr. Benny Elbæk Dahl, the title of Honorary Member of This is in recognition of Benny’s contribution to the site, not only in terms of his excellent photography, but also in gratitude for sharing his personal experiences at sea with us, and through the site, with the world. Benny is a most delightful seaman of the old school, and we are pleased to note that Benny, at the age of 73, is still going strong, doing what he loves most in life.


Below: Benny, having ditched his full set, but not his beloved dog “SPINNER”.



31. August 2011: As of today, the founders have unanimously decided to bestow upon Chief Engineer (Rtd) Karsten Petersen, the title of Honorary Member of This is in recognition of Karsten’s contribution to the site in terms of his excellent photography from his years on the China coast and elsewhere on the globe, however, not on that account only, but also for sharing some of his experiences from 40 odd years of service at sea with us (see postings). Karsten is engaged in many activities which he enjoy, and he is busy in his retirement, enjoying life as you may read about on his own website




24. April 2012: As of today the founders have unanimously decided to grant an Honorary Membership to Able-bodied Seaman  (Rtd) Mark Churchman of Australia. This is not only in recognition of his excellent photography contributed to, but also for sharing some of his personal experiences from active service at sea with us, and our visitors. 

DSC_1925 (1024x972)


Bue Drewsen of Denmark, Captain (Rtd).

Jørgen Vikkelsø Frederiksen of Denmark, A.B. (Rtd).

Niels Hald-Andersen of Denmark, Harbour Master (Rtd).

Roberto Smera of Brazil, Maritime Attorney.

Patrick McDuff of Scotland, Captain (Rtd).

Sigurbjörn Ólafur Ragnarsson of Iceland, Captain (Rtd).

Thomas Seering of Germany, Chemical Technician.

Frits Olinga of the Netherlands, Engineer (Rtd).

Gustav Schneider of Germany, A.B. (Rtd).

Hanne Hjermitslev of Denmark, Librarian (Rtd).

Kell Schmidt of San Leandro, California, Unites States of America, A.B. (Rtd).

Dorothea Kindley of the United Kingdom, Maritime Author, (Rtd).

Angus Kindley of the United Kingdom, Director and Genealogist, (Rtd).

Glen Daigrepont of Louisiana, Unites States of America, Off-Shore Facility Manager at Port Fourchon.

Mr. Peter William Robinson of Goole, United Kingdom.

Mr. Charlie Hill of Swinefleet near Goole, United Kingdom.

Mr. Xuan Binh of Saigon, Vietnam.



Simon Bang af Ole Haupt

Having finally been allowed to introduce and honour Simon Bang publically on this site is a privilege as well as it is an honour to us in terms of his tremendous contribution to this website. Simon has been an invaluable and staunch supporter practically from the moment 7SEASVESSELS.COM went online, and is one of our longest serving members.

Simon is not a man of the sea himself, but stems from a long line of seafarers on his mother’s side. Having vivid memories of his granddad, Captain K. V. Goth, Flag Captain of the long gone Danish shipping company Vendila, Simon has a passion for maritime history.

In that context he has over many years gathered a huge and very impressive collection of high-quality maritime-historical images, as well as he has inherited photos and private correspondence between Captain Goth, his employers and other parties.

Captain Goth served at sea during both world wars with all what that entails. Having been privileged to peruse Captain Goth’s private correspondence and reports to his company, material which eventually will be publicised on this website, I can say this portrays an exceptional Captain whom against all odds, managed to take his crews safely through the perilous times of his service period.

Simon Bang has made his career as a storyboard artist and artistic designer, but is also engaged as producer of cinematic documentaries about maritime life in historic perspective – He is currently working on two such projects.

SEASVESSELS.COM feels proud and privileged that Simon Bang has decided to share his collection through this website, thereby making it visible for the enjoyment of our visitors.




Rio de Janeiro April 2012.

Over a period spanning more than 40 years, Niels Hald-Andersen of Assens in Denmark, Master Mariner & Harbour Master (Rtd), has compiled fleet lists of Danish shipping companies of the past and the present.

His records contain detailed information on most ships in Danish ownership at one point or other, including particulars, casualty reports, and ownerships throughout the individual vessel’s lifespan. His records are updated continuously.

Niels Hald-Andersen’s comprehensive work will be published on / COASTERS & OTHER SHIPS REVIVED in a reference section especially created for this purpose – “SHIPOWNERS’ FLEETLISTS”.

Although COASTERS & OTHER SHIPS REVIVED by policy is an English-languaged website, the founders have decided to make an exemption in this particular case. Niels Hald-Andersen’s information is written up in Danish, but considered of such maritime-historical importance that the founders feel obliged to present his extensive information as is.

Should any of our visitors wish to use or query this information, please do not hesitate in contacting webmaster who would be pleased to assist in a translation capacity (Spanish and English).






Introducing and honouring HUMBERMAN:

George Robinson of Hull is a great and much appreciated friend of this website, as well as he is an actively contributing Member to That in spite of the fact, George is running and maintaining two other websites of his own, namely: and

George doesn’t stop his engagements in maritime history there. He is also avidly engaged in the restoration of the beautiful steam tug DANIEL ADAMSON, originally named RALPH BROCKLEBANK, built 1903. Please see and support if you’re able to:

George Robinson took an interest in shipping from around 1959 and had a career in stevedoring and port management mainly at Hull and Goole. He is now working as part of a team for shipbuilding websites covering the Tyne and the Clyde. applauds George Robinson and sees him as a tremendous force in promoting maritime history for the benefit of all.



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