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Webmaster on duty Thailand 1986 – heading upstream the Chao Phraya.

Webmaster of 7seasvessels.com / Coasters & Other Ships Revived.


Webmaster’s grandkids – Patrick & Nickolai – future ship captains ?

Mr. Peter Schliefke who sadly passed away in August 2014, having lost his battle against serious illness. Peter had extensive knowledge regarding German shipping, particularly coasters. He shared that knowledge and contributed to several other websites.

This website welcomes anyone with a serious maritime interest, whether that be in the capacity of a past or present professional attachment to any part of the industry, or whether you have an interest in oceangoing vessels or in any other particular type of ship.

As a Member of 7seasvessels.com you may upload photos and add relevant, factual and properly sourced information in English subject to the site rules, and may contribute with relevant personal experiences and accounts from your service at sea.


The site is intended as a platform for all, however, with a special emphasis on creating a database on ship particulars, photos, history and fate of  individual vessels of all types and eras within the age of photography.


This is the projected backbone of the site – and it is envisaged that the site over time shall serve as a reliable research tool for future maritime historians. In order to achieve this, due care is taken to ensure that only properly sourced and verifiable information is posted, as well as the founders have put safeguards in place to ensure, that the site stays on the internet indefinitely.


When the founders are no longer able to run and maintain the site, and if no younger members are taking responsibility  for a handover, COASTERS & OTHER SHIPS REVIVED will be handed over to a maritime institution as is at that point in time.


The founders are former professional seafarers:

Mr. Peter Schliefke of the United Kingdom

Mr. Richard Cox of the United Kingdom

Mr. Miguel Sehested Zambras of Denmark.




was founded on 5. June 2011.




Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse

This website views ships from the seafarers’ perspective and does not regard vessels merely as constructions – to their crews they are anything but – crewmembers regardless of rank develop a relationship with their ship – a lifelong bond – this might be difficult for non-seafarers to understand but is also a phenomenon not easily explained.

Nevertheless, it is a reality every seafarer experiences,  because to us who operated vessels at sea, we know that every ship has got a unique “personality”. 10 ships of equal design might be built, but they will still behave differently at sea and during manoeuvring in port. To us a ship is therefore a “living being” with a unique personality, a life, a destiny and a fate. In fact the ship is a “she” which should always be well maintained and looked after by the crew who serve in her. She will pay her crew and owners back ten-fold.

Seafaring is risky business in one of the toughest and most dangerous and hostile environments on earth – yet, it is also one of the most rewarding professions a human being can exercise.

The ships and their crews carry necessities safely across the oceans and have served mankind in peace and war, made history, or excelled in various historical contexts, for which reason it is the view of 7SEASVESSELS.COM that ships ought not be forgotten, whether they rest at the bottom of the sea or ended up at the breakers’ yard. To some, ships may be regarded merely as “tools” or “Constructions”, but please do not forget their true value and significance in shaping the history of mankind.

In every seaman’s perception his ship matters and is never forgotten, she lives on in his heart – hence 7SEASVESSELS.COM seeks to bring long-gone ships back to life and into the consciousness of the future. Without ships and crews willing to face the risks involved in taking them across the oceans, the world would not have been the one we know today.

The famous words – to sail is necessary; to live is not necessary – Attributed by Plutarch to Gnaeus Pompeius, who, during a severe storm, commanded sailors to bring food from Africa to Rome, are as true today as they were then. Without seafaring there is neither life nor prosperity, and in seafaring some may have to give up their life in order for others to live.

Countless seafarers have perished at sea throughout the ages; sometimes in horrendous circumstances such as was the case for many WW1 and WW2 sailors on both sides of the warring factions, especially those who served in tankers and therefore not only faced the risk of dying from hypothermia, but also the risk of being burned to death. Others perished in icy and stormy waters while attempting to bring essential supplies to their destination. Those serving in submarines were subject to being crushed by the watermass, but regardles of where and how they served, they were swallowed by the deep regardless of nationality.  The sea makes no distinction as to the folly of man – every seaman dies the same.

The seamens’ bravery and sacrifice in war and peace is regrettably seldomly spoken of, and only little official appreciation and public recognition is to be found in the societies we know today.  It is a fact, however, that men willing to face the dangers of the sea have contributed in no insignificant way to mankind’s contemporary lifestyle and economy. Seamens’ sacrifice throughout the ages ought therefore not to be forgotten.

This website seeks therefore also to create a collection of memorials to merchant seamen, lifeboat crews and others who perished at sea – we do this in order to honour the sacrifice of our international colleagues who are no longer with us – and because we believe that a memorial has only got value for those present where a memorial is located.

7SEASVESSELS.COM provides a platform for the photographic display of such memorials from all over the world, thereby paying tribute to those lost at sea and bringing their memory into the consciousness and contemplation of our present day visitors, as well as making the memorials accessible to all regardless of their individual physical location.

You will find our collection of MEMORIALS TO MERCHANT NAVY SEAMEN OF ANY NATIONALITY by following this link: http://7seasvessels.com/?cat=996

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