HOLGER DANSKE – 1942 – IMO 5153412


From the private collection of Jørgen Vikkelsø.

Built by Odense Staalskibsværft, Odense, no. 95.

Icebreaker passenger steam ferry * 2 screw aft, 1 fore * 2d *

2477grt, 966nrt, 480dw * 68.88/62.75×16.90/16.50×7.50/5.639 *

3T 3cyl. (21″-33″-55″)x36″, 6000ihp, 15kn, A/S Frichs, Aarhus, no. 586/7/8 *

4SB Scotch 12f HS13231, oilfired, A/S Helsingørs Jernskibs- og Maskinbyggeri, Elsinore, no. 985/6/7/8 * Passengers: 600 *

24.11.1940: Ordered. Contract price:

12.07.1941: Keel laid.

09.05.1942: Named and launched.

21.12.1942: Trials.

22.12.1942: Delivered to De Danske Statsbaner – DSB, Korsør.

18.09.1944: Sailed  Copenhagen. Whilst in tow of S/S MJØLNER for Isefjorden to be laid up, escaped to Swedish waters when off Elsinore. Laid up at Helsingborg until the end of World War II.

06.05.1945: 9 trips: Elsinore-Helsinborg with the Danish troops and equipment. Before leaving Elsinore she came under heavy fire from ashore with hand weapons. Left Elsinore for Helsingborg.

07.05.1945: Sailed  Helsingborg for Elsinore.

08.05.1945: Redelivered to DSB.

23.02.1954: Collided with M/F BROEN of Korsør 1582/52 in Nyborg Fjord during icebreaking. She was hit off the boiler room, and two firemen were killed by the steam. HOLGER DANSKE was towed aground to prevent sinking. Later refloated.

23.03-22.06.1954: Repaired and rebuilt by A/S Burmeister & Wain. Copenhagen. Superstructure enlarged and bridge moved forward.

12.11.1974: Sold to H. J. Hansen A/S, Odense for demolition. Price: 42 USD per ldt.

13.11.1974: Arrived the breakers towed from Korsør by Svitzer’s VALKYRIEN.

18.06.1975: Reported as broken up. She had been active as an icebreaker for 29 weeks.

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