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This website welcomes membership applications from any person who are interested in contributing to bringing long-gone ships back to life again. does this in images and text of the past and the present, thereby promoting the maritime-cultural heritage of all seafaring and ship-building nations.

The purpose of this website is bringing the international maritime past and present into the future.

However, as a Member with uploading access, certain criteria have to be met:

Members must not only have research skills and experience in this maritime field, but must also have access to accredited sources and a flawless command of the English language. In addition a member must exercise strict adherence to site policy and posting rules, possess computing and image manipulation skills, as well as have a keen eye for upholding the overall quality level and reliability of the information found on COASTERS & OTHER SHIPS REVIVED.


If you for one reason or other is unable to meet the membership criteria, there are alternative ways in which you could contribute – you might consider an associateship (please see definitions below):


Before Applying for Membership – Please Read

AN HONORARY MEMBER is a person who meets two specific criteria, namely:

1. Contributions of excellent photography over a sustained period of time.

2. Contributions of rare and unusual personal experiences from service at sea.

AN ASSOCIATE is a person who for one reason or other is unable to upload. An associateship is granted when a person has contributed to the site over a sustained period of time, either in the form of photos, or indeed in terms of relevant and properly sourced additional information, which he or she has sent on to webmaster for him to upload on the contributor’s behalf. Contributions in this manner are obviously always credited to the source.

Honorary memberships and Associateships are granted at the sole discretion of the founders, and cannot be applied for.

If you decide to apply for membership you should state your preferred USER NAME, and also your PROPER NAME and SURNAME. Membership is free of charge. Webmaster looks forward to hearing from you.

Augustenborg, Als, Denmark – 26. August 2012

* accepts voluntary donations from Members and Visitors who feel they enjoy the site and wish to contribute an ammount towards maintenance and running costs. Any ammount shall be most gratefully accepted.


If you do not wish to employ the services of PayPal (button on Home Page), you may direct a transaction directly to’s NORDEA account by using the following data:


Account (Branch Office) 9607
Account Number 0758 218 627
IBAN DK1720000758218627
Swiftaddress NDEADKKK



As of 02.01.2013 this website became a company registered in Denmark and has been allocated the following company ID:



CVR 34 81 54 88

Louisegade 18,

DK – 6440 Augustenborg



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