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As the main aim of this website is the creation of a research tool, it is important to impose a set of rules which intends to ensure, that uniformity prevails; therefore:

As to upload of photos and ship particulars:

Before you make a new post, please check via the SEARCH BUTTON whether your intended upload is not already present on the site. Is this the case, please link your post to the existing one.

When posting please insert the following information in the title field, «NAME AT DELIVERY» in capital letters, «YEAR OF DELIVERY» in order to avoid confusion with other ships carrying the same name, and her «IMO NUMBER» (please see examples below):

  • ANNE BEWA 1970 IMO 7042057
  • ANNE BEWA 1972 IMO 7207138
  • CORNELIA MAERSK 1925 IMO 0000000
  • CORNELIA MAERSK 1967 IMO 6716651
  • CORNELIA MAERSK 1992 IMO 8819990
  • CORNELIA MAERSK 2002 IMO 9245756

However, if your ship was deleted prior to 1969, then please insert «IMO 0000000» as shown in the example. It is only vessels in existence from that year onward which have an official and unique IMO identification number.

You may not be aware of all three criteria, in that case, please post your upload in the section entitled “UNKNOWN – Name & Year (when) Delivered or IMO” especially reserved for this eventuality.

This will allow other members to assist in the proper identification, as well as it would help the administrators in moving your upload to its proper location.

Apart from the above-mentioned three minimum data (name at delivery, year built and IMO) all relevant data on a ship are very welcome, e.g. builders, yard number, tonnages, dead weight, dimensions, main engine details, ownerships, dates of contracting, keel laying dates, launching dates, dates of sea trials, interesting incidences during her existence and not least her final fate.


If you are a visitor and in possession of information or images relevant to a ship, port, or seafaring in general, please do not hesitate in mailing the webmaster. You are most welcome to submit any material you consider of maritime-historical interest.


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