Tug and tow stranded at Santos Beach, Brazil

The tug Titã and barge Rubineia were underway from Rio de Janeiro to Santos Port when the cable connecting the vessels broke and got tangled in the propeller of the tug. Both vessels went adrift and stranded.


© Beto Smera.

A barge and tug stranded Saturday night 22.12.2012 on the edge of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo. According to the Port Authority, the boats left Niterói (RJ) and proceeded towards the Port of Santos. The stranding occurred near Channel 4.

The Port Authority says, that because of bad weather, the tug TITÃ shortened the wire rope that attached the barge RUBINEIA. The towline broke, and got tangled in the tug’s propeller, leaving both vessels adrift. The crew of the tug tried to avoid stranding by dropping anchor, however, without success.

Earlier this morning, during high tide the tug managed to free its propeller and made several attempts to refloat herself but was unsuccessful, the Port Authority said.

A salvage plan must now be submitted by the company responsible for refloating the vessels. Experts have been in charge since dawn.

There has been no report of injuries or environmental impact to date. The Port Authority initiated an administrative inquiry to investigate the causes of the accident. The report should be ready in 90 days.

Summary by M. Zambras.

Praia de Santos - 14 jan 2014

© Roberto Smera – Santos 14.02.2014

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