UAL BODEWES – 2012 – IMO 9542336

Newly built UAL BODEWES on 7. April 2012 at Delfzijl – Photos: Frits Olinga-Delfzijl.


© Glen Daigrepont – Photo date: 14.01.2013.

IDNo: 9542336 – Year: 2012 – Name: UAL BODEWES – Keel: 1.12.09 – Type: Cargo ship – Launch Date: 2.3.12 – Flag: NLD – Date of completion: 12.4.12 – GRT: 5569 – DWT: 8326 – Yard No: 761 – Length overall: 119.05 – LPP: 116.95 – Country of build: NLD – Beam: 15.8 – Builder: Bodewes’ Hoogezand of Hoogezand.

Machinery Overview: 1 oil engine with flexible couplings & single reduction geared to screw shaft driving 1 CP propeller at 158 rpm – Total Power: Mcr 2,999kW (4,077hp), Csr 2,550kW (3,467hp) – Service Speed: 13.50kts.

Prime Mover Detail: Design: MaK, Engine Builder: Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG – Germany – 1 x 6M32, 4 Stroke, Single Acting, In-Line (Vertical) – 6 Cy. 320 x 480, Mcr: 2,999 kW (4,077 hp) at 600 rpm.

Subsequent History:

The UAL Bodewes (sister vessel of the UAL Africa) was built in The Netherlands and is special because of the application of the Groot Cross-Bow ® an innovative bow shape with wave piercing abilities.

Because of the innovative bow shape the vessel will have less slamming and will easier maintain it’s speed comparing to more conventional bow shapes with bow flare. Because of this, energy will be saved and therefore less fuel oil will be burned, which results in reduction of the CO2 output.

Universal Africa Lines has been offering a regular liner service into West Africa from Europe, USA and South Africa for over 30 years. Recently the activities has been expanded by an East Africa service. The new trade lane is designed to extend the connecting services from the US, West Africa and SA into the East African markets, and will focus on the line’s niche market in the oil and gas industry.

8.14 In Service/Commission – TBUX

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